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General Ophtalmology

Maynor & Mitchell Eye Center provides quality general eye care for the entire family. We believe that taking care of your eyes is an important part of your overall health. From children to seniors, eye exams to new glasses, Maynor & Mitchell covers all of your eye care needs.

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Routine Eye Exams

Eye exams involve more than simply checking to see if you need glasses. Early detection of eye diseases is one of the most important reasons to get your eyes checked. During a routine eye exam, we’ll review your medical history, perform tests of your visual acuity, and examine your eyes to check for any irregularities. We may also ask to dilate your eyes in order to perform a more thorough physical exam. These tests will enable us to understand how well your vision is functioning, and detect any problems that may be developing.

Everyone in the family should have regular eye exams. Depending on your family’s history of eye health, annual exams may be recommended. When you see the doctors at Maynor & Mitchell Eye Center, you will receive personalized recommendations for a regular eye exam schedule.

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Full Service Optical

Maynor & Mitchell Eye Center offers an in-house optical shop with a wide selection of contact lenses, designer frames, and other eye care essentials. Our friendly staff will help you select just the right options for your look and your lifestyle. From no-line bifocals, to the hottest new sunglasses, to eyeglass repairs and adjustments, we have it all. Stop in today!

Contact lenses

Contact Lenses

Whether you wear hard lenses, soft lenses, or disposables, Maynor & Mitchell Eye Center has just what you need. We stock hundreds of different lenses to make finding your prescription quick and easy. We take the hassle out of getting your contacts so you can get on with your day.

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Corneal Refractive Therapy

Are you a nearsighted glasses or contact lens wearer who would like to have better vision without surgery? Now there’s a way: it’s called Corneal Refractive Therapy. CRT is FDA-approved for treatment of myopia (nearsightedness). This treatment uses special contact lenses to gently and temporarily reshape the cornea, the effects lasting about a day.

In a typical case, your eyes will be examined and measured with special instruments. Based on this information, you will be fitted with a pair of special contact lenses that are worn for a period of time each day, usually overnight. When you remove the lenses, you can still see clearly – the majority of patients on CRT see 20/40 or better. You must wear the lenses on a regular schedule to maintain the vision improvements.

In some cases, more than one pair of lenses may be needed in order to obtain the best possible vision. CRT is an attractive option for patients who are unable to have LASIK surgery, such as adolescents, or for those who are bothered by contacts within their daily environment but don’t mind using them at night.

Maynor & Mitchell Eye Center is committed to bringing you the best in eye care. That’s why we’re pleased to offer this exciting new technology. If you think you may be a candidate for CRT, give us a call today.

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