What to Expect during Cataract Surgery

What to Expect during Cataract Surgery


We believe in making sure our patients know what to expect during cataract surgery. You may be surprised to find that the procedure only takes about six to eight minutes. We take great care at every stage of treatment to ensure your comfort and the effectiveness of your procedure.

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Dr. Mitchell: On the day of surgery for our cataract patients, they'll present to the Eye Surgery Center of North Alabama which is on the first floor of our main campus, here at Maynor & Mitchell Eye Center. The patient will need to expect to be there for about two hours, needs to have someone come with them, drive them. They'll receive a little bit of IV sedation to take the edge off. Patient may remember carrying on a conversation with me, they may not remember a thing, but the anesthetist will be right with us, and if the patient needs a little bit more, he'll give you a little bit more. There are not any needles, there are no stitches, no patches, just a clear shield, and the procedure just takes about six to eight minutes. Patient will then sit up, go to the post-operative area where they'll be given a little bit of juice and crackers, and then they can go for a meal. After that meal they will return back to the office, we'll check pressure, check vision, and go over all the post-operative instructions. Female: If you're looking for quality eye care with excellence results, call our office today.

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