Laser Cataract Surgery

Laser Cataract Surgery


Laser cataract surgery at Maynor & Mitchell Eye Center involves using the Catalyst Laser and ORA intraoperative aberrometer to achieve the best possible results. Dr. Mitchell says the combination of the ORA and Catalyst is probably the most significant breakthrough in cataract surgery in more than 30 years. Together, these technologies help patients achieve clear vision and independence from corrective eyewear.

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Dr. Mitchell: When a patient comes to us for cataract surgery and we determine that they do have cataracts that warrant surgery, that's the first decision they have to make. Are they bothered enough by their vision that they're willing to proceed with cataract surgery? The second decision they have to make is where do we put them in focus? What type of procedure do we do? What lenses do we use? And so we go into great detail about the benefits that each one of those procedures and lenses will provide. Basic cataract surgery or conventional cataract surgery utilizes an ultrasound. I've done close to 25,000 of these procedures so we're very comfortable with conventional cataract surgery. But over the past couple of years, we've started to utilize a femtosecond laser, which is a laser that allows us to do parts of the conventional procedure but with greater precision than what we can do manually. And so when a patient is looking for the refractive outcomes so that they do not wear any glasses at distance or they have mono-vision, one eye distance, one near, therefore utilizing multi-focal lenses to give them distance and near without glasses, we need the precision of the catalyst femtosecond laser. We couple this with another technology called the ORA intraoperative aberrometer. These two new technologies, the catalyst laser platform and the ORA intraoperative aberrometer are the biggest breakthrough in cataract surgery since the early '80s with the phacoemulsification. We've had both of these for the past couple of years and it allows us to provide greater, more accurate refractive outcomes to give patients the desired outcome that they seek. Female: If you're looking for quality eye care with excellent results, call our office today.

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