Intraocular Lenses

Intraocular Lenses


We offer cataract surgery patients a variety of intraocular lens options. You can choose between monovision and multifocal lenses, depending on the degree of independence from eyeglasses you desire. We also offer special lenses for patients with astigmatism.

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Dr. Mitchell: Today we have a multitude of lens options for our cataract patients. We have spherical lenses, we have toric, which are astigmatism correcting lenses, we have multi-focal lenses, which give us a focal point at both distance and near, and we also have an accommodative lens, one that gives us range. So it gives us distance with some intermediate and near. These different lens options allow us to tailor a plan for each patient, individual to that patient's needs and desires to give them the greatest amount of freedom or independence from glasses that we can. Female: If you're looking for quality eye care with excellent results, call our office today.

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