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Eye Care Practice


Maynor & Mitchell Eye Center is part of an eye care practice network including the Huntsville Laser Center and the Eye Surgery Center of North Alabama. We provide general ophthalmology, eye surgery, and corrective surgery. We are a Christian group, and were the first to offer many advanced services and technologies to Alabama residents.

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Female: Serving patients in Huntsville, Madison, Decatur and the surrounding communities, the Maynard Mitchell Eye Center, the Huntsville Laser Center and the Eye Surgery Center of North Alabama, provides patients with general ophthalmology, corrective surgery and advanced eye surgery needs. This dynamic trinity of eye care is a Christian-based, all-under-one-roof eye care center, putting the comfort and safety of their patients above anything else. Dr. Mitchell: I'm Dr. William Mitchell and I'm the medical director and primary surgeon from the Huntsville Laser Center and Maynard Mitchell Eye Center, as well as the medical director for the Eye Surgery Center of North Alabama. I came to Huntsville in 1998 after finishing my residency at the University of Tennessee in Memphis and then later, joined Dr. Maynard in 1999. And then we moved into this current campus in 2007, where we opened the only eye-specific surgery center in north Alabama. Female: This dynamic practice consists of the Maynard Mitchell Eye Center for routine eye care and cataract evaluations, the Huntsville Laser Center for those who desire laser vision correction, and the Eye Surgery Center of North Alabama for more advanced needs and procedures. Gail: I love all the people. His people in the operating room, his receptionist, all his nurses and assistants, are all so friendly and make you feel so comfortable and at ease. And you just go into it with the assurance that all is going to be good. Dr. Mitchell: I'm very passionate about what I do here. I find it very rewarding that we can take a patient with a visual problem, we can treat that problem and often make them better than they were before the problem ever occurred. Female: As medical director and primary surgeon, Dr. William Mitchell stays at the forefront of technology, providing our doctors and staff with the very latest tools for laser vision correction and general eye surgery. Dr. Mitchell: We're the first to bring the excimer laser to town. Later, we were the first to bring the femtosecond laser. We were the first to bring Lasik to north Alabama and then, the first to bring all-laser, blade-free Lasik to Alabama. Having done over 10,000 procedures, our experience coupled with cutting-edge technology, is going to give you the outcome that you desire. Female: These three eye center's outstanding outcomes are the result of years of experience, a commitment to cutting-edge technology, and to genuine compassion for their patients. Both doctors and patients, enjoy and benefit from relationships built the old-fashioned way, starting with customer service that is friendly, personal, and always professional. Dr. Mitchell: Our business philosophy is to take care of patients the way you would want to be taken care of. I look at each patient, if it were a family member, what would I want to do in that situation for them? And by doing that, I think we're going to take care of them in the right way. Ian: As soon as I got here, everyone was friendly, welcoming. They made me want to come back and gave me confidence that the procedure they would do would be successful and I'd be well taken care of. Female: Whatever your eye care needs may be, the doctors and staff at the Maynard Mitchell Eye Center, the Huntsville Laser Center and the Eye Surgery Center of North Alabama, have the most experience, are masters of their cutting-edge technology, and above all, care most about the comfort, safety and relationships with their patients. Dr. Mitchell: I'll have somebody that I'll see at the mall or a restaurant and they'll come up to me and say, "You don't remember me Dr. Mitchell, but you did my surgery eight years ago and I'll tell you, it's the best thing I've ever done in my life." Female: If you're looking for quality eye care with excellent results, call our office today.

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