ORA System Benefits

ORA System Benefits


ORA System benefits include clearer vision and greater independence from glasses following cataract surgery. The ORA intraoperative aberrometer gives us detailed information about the refractive power of the eye, allowing us to choose precisely the right focus power for your intraocular lens. We proudly use this technology to help patients achieve satisfying results.

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Dr. Mitchell: The benefit of the ORA intraoperative aberrometer is that it gives us information that we've never been able to obtain before. Conventional cataract surgery, we take pre-operative measurements of the length and the curvature of the eye and would make decisions on which lens to choose based on that information. That information is good, but it is not as accurate as we'd like for it to be and unfortunately we get some surprises sometimes in that lens decision. When a patient wants freedom from glasses, the ORA intraoperative aberrometer gives us information intra-operatively. So after the cataract is removed we do measurements and it gives us information that we've never had before and allows us to be more precise on the type of lens that we choose, the power of the lens, and the positioning of that lens. Female: If you're looking for quality eye care with excellent results, call our office today.

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