Leaders in Ophthalmology

Leaders in Ophthalmology


As leaders in ophthalmology, we were the first to offer many of today's most sophisticated techniques and technology in Alabama. This has allowed us to provide safe, predictable treatment. To date, we have performed more than 10,000 successful treatments.

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Dr. Mitchell: When a patient is coming to us for their eye care, in particular, their surgical eye care we have the ability to do our diagnosis, treatment, and surgical care of that condition on site. We have the eye surgery center of North Alabama, the only eye-specific surgical center on site. We have the Huntsville Laser Center which allows us to do our Lasik PRK on site. All of these are attached with their main location to Maynor & Mitchell Eye Center. And so it allows much greater convenience for the patients to have all these things under the same roof. At Maynor & Mitchell Eye Center we brought in many different lasers that allow us to treat patients with greater efficiency, accuracy, and their quality of care goes up because of that. Our experience, our doctors have 30 plus years of experience. We've done more cataract surgery than any other practice in the area. Our staff is caring, welcoming to the patients, and so they're there to alleviate any fears. When we're talking about surgery on your eye that's a very, very scary thing for some patients, and we're able to walk them through and make it a comfortable experience for them. Female: If you're looking for quality eye care with excellence results call our office today.

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