Meet Dr. William Mitchell, Dr. Robert Maynor, and Dr. Brian Baxter who see and treat patients at our Huntsville campus. Not shown are Dr Michael Salter and Dr. Jennifer Martin who are also part of our team of experts. Their varied expertise and training help patients with a wide range of needs to achieve relief and improved vision. Your vision matters to our caring professionals.

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Dr. Mitchell: I'm Dr. William Mitchell. I'm the medical director of the Huntsville Laser Center, Maynor & Mitchell Eye Center, as well as the Eye Surgery Center of North Alabama. I finished training in Memphis at the University of Tennessee and moved to Huntsville in 1998. I later joined Dr. Maynor in 1999. Then we moved into this current campus in 2007, where we open the only eye-specific surgery center in North Alabama. Dr. Maynor: I'm Robert Maynor M.D. I started the practice in 1973 here in Huntsville. My philosophy in starting this practice was to provide the best optical surgical care I could provide. What I love about ophthalmic surgery is that it is highly successful and the success is almost immediately apparent. Dr. Baxter: My name is Brian Baxter, born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama, so I'm a hometown boy. My primary practice here is referrals from primary care physicians, people with diabetes, hypertension and things like that. So they come here for me to evaluate their eye health. And when I do an eye examination, it's taking the entire patient into account, not just their eyes. Female: If you're looking for quality eye care with excellent results, call our office today.

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