Gloria Wright By dlee135 on August 21, 2017

Forty-two years ago we obtained our first pair of glasses, and since that day we’ve wished not to have to wear them! It’s been a struggle trying to find a workable alternative, over and over, without success (tried contacts five times/ including Toric). Once LASIK became popular, we found that farsighted with astigmatism wasn’t a candidate at that time. We didn’t want to be the first farsighted with astigmatism patient to have the surgery, and continued to wait until someone in our area became very proficient! Finally, FDA approved the surgery (2 ½ years ago), and Dr. William Mitchell performed over 2,000 procedures! It was my time, finally! (researched the procedure, physicians in our area performing LASIK, and who owned their own machine. The ‘www’ is an excellent resource, and word-of-mouth! Asked everyone who had the procedure who did it, their results, and would they do it again.) 
After narrowing the field to Dr. Mitchell, we attended a seminar held at the Huntsville Laser Center. The explanations were simple, and thorough. The guest speaker had experienced LASIK, and answered all our questions. The search was over! After all our questions were satisfied, they scheduled me for surgery the Friday 1/31/2003 (had a cancellation). The experience was exactly what they described, and Dr. Mitchell was with me all the way! Don’t think that after the surgery you’re on your own. Dr. Mitchell does follow-up in order to assure you’re seeing the very best possible. There was never a time when we felt alone because we were encouraged to call him at any time with any question.

It was amazing to be able to see without my Varilux lenses (pointed my nose at what we wanted to see, without peripheral vision)! My friends would say they saw me on the road, but we didn’t wave. The reason was we didn’t see them! The only glasses needed now are for reading, or a soft contact. That was never an option in the past due to the astigmatism. It was wonderful going from four pair of glasses (computer, TV, sunglasses, and one for near and far vision) to one soft lens or one pair of reading glasses from the drug store. It’s simply amazing for me to "see" all the things we’ve been missing all those years! Truly, the fog has finally lifted, and I can see clearly now! Dr. Mitchell and his excellent staff have given me the ability to enjoy life at a much higher level, and we will always be thankful for their marvelous gift! You’re never too old to experience the wonders of life through better vision! Yes, I’d do it again!

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